Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Year? Three Weeks?

What a difference a year makes. One year ago yesterday I was finding out news that I never even imagined I would hear. I remember exactly what happened, I remember the phone call vividly. I remember where I was, who I saw directly afterwards. I remember how much where i work stepped up to the plate and helped me get a plane ticket out of Cleveland immediately.

One year ago yesterday we found out my mom had cancer. Cancer. It's crazy to think about still today. How could this brilliant, young, beautiful person have cancer. How could she have such a serious cancer. What are we looking at here. How are we going to deal with it all.

And now, one year later we are sitting here with her 6 months off of Chemotherapy. A year ( a little less) away from her surgery. In the past year she has taken many medications, many shots, many IV's. They have pumped her body full of poison. They have cut her open, and sewed her back up. What a difference a year makes.

My Mom is my hero. Undoubtedly. She has been a completely amazing example throughout this entire ordeal. I am so excited that she is a year out. She had some tests run last week to check her current status, see where her levels are at. We will find out those results later this week. I will continue to pray, as I hope you do for good results.

As she keeps walking down this road, I will stand back in complete amazement of her strength, her courage, her faith.

It's been 3 weeks since Carl's Moms accident. 3 weeks of painful recovery, of surgery, of swelling and pain medication. On Friday of this week she was finally able to have her surgery on her right leg. Hopefully now we will be moving toward rehab and more recovery. Moving toward rebuilding strength, the ability to use her legs, the ability to use her hand. Things we take for granted everyday.

Although she still has a long road of recovery ahead of her it is nice to be past the surgery and continually moving forward.  She is another example to us of an amazing woman who is dealing with more than we ourselves could imagine.

Carl and I certainly have good examples in our lives. Good examples of what it means to follow God and his plan even when it doesn't make sense to us. To have faith in a faithless word. To be strong when you have no strength.

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  1. Your mom is a total rockstar! I can't wait to do the OROC RUN this year in her honor!!

    I hope Darla is healing well!!

    I'm praying for them both!!