Saturday, March 19, 2011

Slowly, Slowly, It all comes together

Slowly Slowly our home is coming together. Today I have the promised pictures!
 Our project from today! I love love love it!
 Living room looking in from the front door. In those in lays, we are planning on putting in some built in book shelves. It's in the plans.
 Living room from the dining room/office.
 Dining room from living room, kitchen in the background. That black table and chair is not staying, just needs to be brought into the basement.
 Another angle of our new picture wall.
 The other side of the dining room/office.
 Kitchen view from dining room.
 Our chalkboard doors in the kitchen. We love them. There is still artwork from the fall up there, we need Beth to come over and draw something new. This will be awesome when we have kids someday. The kids can draw on the chalkboard while I cook dinner.
 Kitchen table and backdoor.
 Looking the other way through the kitchen.
 Again that black table needs to go.
 Our guest room! Need to move the sewing machine downstairs too.
Our bedroom. Still needs work, but you know, small steps. Slowly slowly it all comes together.


  1. It is looking SO aweesome!!!

  2. LOVE love the picture wall! And all the colors, love them :) So happy to see pictures of your progress!