Monday, March 21, 2011

85 or 24?

             My body thinks it's 85. No really... it does. It's humorous...sometimes. I have seen more doctors than I care to admit. I am on a first name basis with my primary care doctor, her nurses, the lab techs at her office, and even most of the secretaries. No I am not kidding. I have to admit, although I enjoy my friendships with them, I'd give it up for some good healthy days.

            Mostly I go for my migraines, trying to find new preventative measures, better things to get rid of the pain, etc. But for the past couple of months I've been going for this pain that I have had in my right hip for over a year. A lot of people, doctors etc. kept telling me that it was in my lower back and not my hip. I have seen 3 doctors and 1 physical therapist (who quit on me and told me she thought I might need surgery) and did not notice a  change in my pain, regardless of the stretches, exercises or medication they gave me.

            It is terrible pain when I lay down, so bad i can't usually move my right leg. It's excruciating to get up from a laying position. Sitting for long periods can aggravate it, sitting on the floor always makes it worse. It's so frustrating to be in this much pain, all the time and have no one have answers for you. I mean I cannot be the first person in the world to experience this pain, and these doctors see people all the time. I even saw a hip specialist! She thought it was soft tissue damage, put some pain patches on it and it will get better.

               So today I started with a new physical therapist in compliance with what the hip dr. wanted. She wanted me to strengthen the muscles and the soft tissue would get better too (or something like that.) I met my new physical therapist, and her student teacher this morning, and seriously these two people quickly became my favoriate people in the world.

               I met with them for maybe 10 minutes and they figured out my problem!! It will take a few weeks to get to a point without so much pain, but they figured out my problem!!! Some how throughout all the doctors I saw, and the physical therapist, no one had checked to make sure my hips are aligned.

            When your hips are aligned they can push on your hip/ pelvic bones on your back and your hands will be straight across and equal... pretty simple. Well guess what, my hips are not aligned... when they did that test, their left hand was at one place, and their right was further down. Quite a bit futher down. As they continued to do their test they found that I have.. Posterior Pelvic Tilt... on the right side hip/pelivic bone it tilts down in the back, up in the front. This is causing a pinching of nerves, among other issues. It is also making my right leg shorter than my left...! What!!

(picture credit

I am the one on the right. The anterior tilt is much more common than the posterior (but why would I be common...???) And obviously the middle one is normal, which we know I am not.

                I thought for sure that putting it back in place would be a couple of weeks, I was even doubtful it was something they could do in the office.... I was wrong. They put it back in place today, in the office. Man it hurt, it was not fun at all.
                Now I have a couple weeks or more of working my self up so the muscles around there tighten up into the direction they are supposed to be and hold it at the right tilt. There is a possibility it will go back to the posterior tilt one more time or more because it's a year that it's been stuck like that. So it will take some time to retrain it. I am not looking forward to putting it back in to place again, therefore I am trying to be very careful, follow their restrictions very closely and do the therapy exercises they gave me.

              Again.. I am 24... what in the world. I will admit though, there is nothing better than finally having an answer to somethng that is wrong. It's nice to not feel crazy. It's nice to understand that you aren't crazy. It's nice to realize what you are going through isn't normal. Now I just get to deal with my 84 year old body. So heres to sticking to my restrictions and keeping that hip where it belongs!! Yay for good recovery and change. Now if they could just figure out my thyroid, my migraines.... etc etc etc. :) But for now... I'll keep pushing on. Thanks for reading, my boring tale of my issues, but seriously I am so excited to have some answers.

              Oh and since this blog is about being a newlywed and married life... umm Honey, they told me that they'd prefere I didn't walk up and down the stairs for a while.... can you continue to do the laundry... Thanks! (Sadly this won't be a change since you've been doing it lately. Bad wife) Haha but really, my husband is amazing and supportive. I know he looks forward to me feeling better, and probably looks forward to not waking up to an old lady who has a hard time getting out of bed. But I appreciate his support. I also think he enjoys telling me my hips don't lie... ha.


  1. Hey I have that too. :o) The exercises will be a BIG help! Now I only have issues during pregnancies (during which I just saw a chiropractor and massage therapist to keep my lower back and hips from getting to tight and out of alignment....PT wasn't my idea of pregnant fun!). I hope it works for you! Does your lower back hurt? My lower back gets the worst of it because of the nature of my tilt. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. So pleased for you, I remember you talking about this pain a long time ago! Answers are always a plus :) And having a fix/plan for them is even better. Also, a little disappointing when I got to the end and realized Carl must already be using the awesome joke I was going to leave on here with respect to the fab Shakira. Bahaha.