Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heaps and Piles. Heaps and Piles.

Do you ever notice that the things around your house that need to get done turn into heaps and piles? Seriously every time I turn around there is a new heap, a new pile. A new pile of mail. A new heap of Laundry. A new pile of dishes. A new heap of groceries. A new pile of trash. A new heap of bedding. A new pile of ... well you get the picture.

Being a newlywed there are certain things you have to figure out. It's amazing how much two people living together can be so different than one person living somewhere. I feel like Carl and I have a pretty good take on who does what stuff around the house. Although we are very different in how and when we do it. We do pretty good. But the two things that seem to always be in heaps and piles are Laundry and Dishes.

Seriously every time I turn around the sink is full of dishes AGAIN. Didn't I just start the dishwasher? Is someone playing a joke on me. How do two people go through so many dishes??? I do think in part it's because we are both working full time, with other commitments throughout the week, so stuff does just tend to pile up. I mean not to complain, but I am TIRED when I get home from work. That is partially due to the long drive I've added to my work day. So dishes, seriously, give me a break. Maybe I can convince my husband to stop eating? No probably not. And really we go through far more cups than we do plates. We drink a lot. A lot of juice, milk and water that is.

As for Laundry, this one is just plain and simple because I dislike doing it. I dislike folding. A lot. And yet I don't like things to come out of the dryer without being immediately folded. So it's a conundrum. I will admit most honestly that my husband is far better at remembering to do laundry than me. Part is that he wears a uniform to work everyday, so each week those pieces need to be cleaned. Where as... I can kind of throw outfits together. And you know... I have plenty of clothes to throw together! (Shh don't tell him I admitted that). I can't wait for my mom to come out this summer and help me go through all my clothes and just get rid of stuff. She is great at that.

The funny thing about laundry is that it really is never ending. There is always something to wash. Unless we start going naked around our house (which will not happen). But beyond clothes there are the towels, the sheets, the kitchen washcloths.... the never ending heaps and piles.

I am grateful that I have a husband who is willing to help with the laundry. Who took the time to organize our basement to be more laundry friendly. Who gave me space to fold and put laundry before we bring it upstairs. Who keeps some of his clothes downstairs so he doesn't wake me up in the morning when he gets ready for work.  He really is pretty great.

Now if I could just find the little gremlins that are running around our house continuously adding to our heaps and piles, there is no way it could just be us....right?

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  1. Ha! Just wait until you have kids! The laundry becomes heaps and pile and loads and... you get the point. When they go through 2-3 outfits in a day, the laundry is NEVER done!

    I'm sure you and Carl are doing great at getting everything done and organized in your own way.