Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Gift that keeps on giving...

I am really blessed with such an amazing husband.

Marriage is a funny thing, one day you go from this life of living alone, sleeping alone, doing your stuff alone. I mean, even with dating, the majority of your life you are handling on your own. Then you get married, and you go from alone to together. You wake up next to this person, you sleep next to this person, you shop for two, you cook for two, you clean for two. You think for two. Daily decisions don't just effect you, they affect both of you.

But it's more than that. It's this immense feeling of your other half. I miss him when I am at work, even though I just left him at home. Even when I want alone time, or to do my own thing, I want him close by. It's interesting, this paradox of wanting both and yet trying to fulfill it all. I don't know if I am making sense.

What I want to say is, I have an amazing husband. A husband who is consistantly there for me, consistantly doing things for me. He cooks, he cleans, he puts me first. He loves me enough to do my laundry. He loves me enough to put a crock pot meal in before he leaves to work the late shift. He does our bills, he fixes the hole in the wall, he paints the dining room, he sets up meetings with the carpet guy, he put the molding up in the kitchen. He is amazing. He gives and gives and gives. I am so blessed.

God has given me this extreme gift. A gift that keeps on giving. Tomorrow we will married for 5 months. That is an insane though. 5 months. Where have they gone? Didn't we just get married yesterday? I am thankful for these 5 months. Everyday isn't some perfect dream... but everyday I love him more. Everyday I learn more about him, I learn more from him and he pushes me to be a better person. He puts up with me when I am sick. He puts up with the fact that when I am not feeling good it isn't always something he can see. He can't see my migraine, and sometimes it would appear that it doesn't affect me, and other times it's completely opposite. But he deals with me. He is there for me even when he doesn't understand.

He puts up with me complaining about his work schedule, even though it's nothing he can control. He can't control that almost all winter he's been working the late shift (1-10pm).... and he works hard. He works hard for our family. To provide for me. To provide for us. Regardless of his shift. And truthfully he works a lot of extra shifts, overtime, whatever he needs to do. Even if it's just to have some extra money, or to get me a chance to visit my parents. My husband is an amazing hard working husband. He is a loving, giving man. Not just to me but to those around us. To his family. He would do whatever he could to help out a friend in need. He's done so much to help out, and see his mom since her accident. He is such a giving man. I cannot tell you how blessed I am.

I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I look forward to living, breathing, taking in this blessing for many, many, many years to come. I don't expect them to be perfect, but I do know that I will continue to love him, because God has given me an amazing gift.

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  1. Still so so happy for you (and Carl, too, of course)! Happy 5 months :)