Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well, Carl and I are going to be going through some changes in the coming months and we are totally excited to see were God leads us.

No, I am not pregnant... not that I know of. Evidently that is what people are expecting me to tell them when I bring up these "changes". But nope.

I actually have gotten a new job, and will be starting my new position on Oct. 5th. My last day at Parkside is Oct. 4th.

I turned in my two weeks notice to Parkside last week (well technically 2 weeks and 2 days). It was one of the most difficult things I've had to do. I've worked at Parkside 3 years, and it's been a good three years. They have completely supported me through some very interesting, difficult, fun, happy, scary, and so on times in my life. I mean seriously in the three years that I have worked there I have lost vision in one of my eyes, had my parents move out of state, met Carl, dated Carl, My mom was diagnosed with cancer, got engaged to Carl, went through everything with my moms cancer diagnosis (and surgeries and treatments), got vision in my eye mostly back, celebrated my mom being done with her Cancer treatments, Got married to Carl, Carls Mom's Car accident and recovery, Celebrated my mom being year out of diagnosis, celebrated mom being a year out of treatment, and so on! SO many life events. So many life events that I didn't even include in that list. And through it all Parkside has been completely supportive of me, helping me out when and if they could.

But the time has come for me to make some changes. There are many things that went into our decision to go ahead with this change, but the biggest is we just feel God telling us this is the right move for us. The opportunity has come to me through amazing connections through God, and I just know it's right.

It's going to be exciting to start something new, to learn all of these new things, to use my college degree more! I'm excited to see what these next months bring. I'm praying for God's guidance, and patience to learn my job well, and quickly. I'm praying for opportunities as I go to work in the secular world vs. in a church. I am praying it is good for our family, and excited for what is ahead of us.

Prayers for us would be appreciated. Prayers for Parkside to find the right person for the Youth Ministry Assistant would be appreciated.

I am sad to leave my friends and coworkers, but I really am excited for what God is doing in our lives right now!

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