Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Blog is Boring

My Blog is boring. It needs pictures. Pictures of our home, our decorations for Christmas, and everything else! Sadly I can't find my Camera changer. Boo.

It's been an interesting week around our house.

On Friday I notice that our bathtub wasn't draining right. I mentioned it to Carl who said he'd take care of it. So Saturday morning he went out to breakfast with his buddy Matt, and after they picked up drain-o and came back to the house.

Sadly... Drain-O didn't solve our problems. AT ALL. It took Carl and Matt from about 10:30am to about 5:00pm to fix the problem. It involved a lot of cutting of pipes, cleaning pipes, putting new pipes. My house was a disaster area. Seriously. BUT on the plus side.. they fixed it! I am thankful I have a handy man and a friend who is willing to help out when we need it. I am also thankful that I got to take a shower later that night! Yikes.

Starting on Sunday we heard we were in for a little bit of snow starting Monday. Well let me tell you... a little bit of snow has turned into A LOT OF SNOW! Seriously. A lot. A lot a lot. It just keeps coming and coming and coming and coming. It's supposed to stop tonight for a few days. But rumor has it a blizzard is headed our way this weekend.

I don't mind the snow so much. The drivers who don't know how to drive in it on the other hand... Also my commute which is usually long on it's own... has now pretty consistently taken me about an hour and a half each way each day. YIKES!

Anyway. We are doing ok. Sadly Carl is sick today. He's at home recovering. I am at work surviving the weather. We are looking forward to a great weekend. We get to go to a friends wedding, and hang out with eachother! (We should also probably finish Christmas Shopping.. details!)

I promise to try and get my blog to be more interesting.

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  1. I know where your charger is! I have it! :/ Sorry I never sent it. I forgot!