Monday, November 29, 2010

4 weeks 4 hours and 34 mins...

Or something like that. That is how long we have been married. Seriously 4 weeks?! It seemed like the last 4 weeks leading up to our wedding took foreverrrr. The first 4 weeks after? WAY TOO FAST. We have had things going on all weekend, every weekend since we've been home from the honeymoon.

Needless to say, we are enjoying married life, getting use to living with a boy (or girl), and trying to get settled in the house. We'd like to decorate for Christmas, but I think it's customary to get rid of the boxes first so you don't have to decorate moving boxes.

It's kind of fun, and funny to combine two peoples lives, and homes into one. You find that you have way too much of some stuff, and not enough of the other.

So in honor of blending our lives together, I will give you the top 10 things I've learned in the last 4 weeks. 

10. What's yours is mine, and whats mine is ... mine. :) Kidding kidding. Remember, you are now living with another human being. Someone who enjoys ice cream, orange juice, and money just as much as you. You cannot be selfish!

9. People like their milk different ways. This may equal buying two different types for a house that only has two people in it. That is ok.

8. Girls use more toilet paper than boys. Something they don't realize before marriage.

7. I like clean sheets at least every other week. Preferably once a week. No comment on my better halfs opinion.

6. For some reason it really does matter to me that the Cake Mix and the frosting end up in the same cabinet. I do not like to walk all over the kitchen to make one thing. I am irrational like that.

5. You are a morning person. I am not. It's ok that we aren't the same on that. I will never be a morning person. You will never be a night person. I am glad we enjoy the middle of the day together. Yes  I still consider the hours 7-9 the morning. 

4. Snacking all day does not qualify as a reasonable excuse to not eat dinner. Dinner, with protein. I will never believe it is. 

3. Boys are weird. No really they are. Things that make absolutely no sense to us girls, mean the most to them. No I don't believe you need 3 junk drawers, and 5 shelves for tools in the kitchen. You have a garage and a basement. No I don't believe because we have a lot of blankets in the house, this means you don't have to turn the heat on. Case in point: Boys are weird. 

2. Girls are weirder. Haha really. Poor guys will never understand us. They have no hope. Yes I do like my laundry folded when it comes out of the dryer. Seriously I do have a spot in mind for the cups in the kitchen, and would prefer if they were put up there every time, it just makes sense in my head. Yes I really do need all of those products in the shower. No I will not let you wear that out in public. I am sorry but me not wanting to fall into the toilet in the middle of the night trumps your convenience, please put the seat down. Poor Poor Men.

1. Being married to the most awesome, Godly man...Knowing you are married to the man God had for you... Cuddling, loving, hanging out around the house together....Going shopping together, fixing up the house together... Waking up next to your best friend every morning (even when he gets up around 5...), it is all worth numbers 2-10. I wouldn't trade this for the world, and I wouldn't want to be learning the in's and outs with any other person. Sure our house isn't quite set up yet, sure we differ in opinions on some things. But it is all worth it. I love my husband so much. 

I hope you all look forward to future posts from us. We are just trying to figure out life, love and everything in-between!

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